• Product Name : Automated All-in-one Imaging System

    The Image ExFluorer is a turnkey solution to beyond conventional
    fluorescence microscope, integrating ability of high-contents
    imaging, live-cell assay, 2D/3D deconvolution and auto-focusing
    based on full-automated wide-field imaging system.

    Live Cell Assay / High-Contens Imaging
    2D/3D Deconvolution / Multi-dimensional Fluorescence Imaging
    Cell Analysis with AI

  • Product Name : Microscope Incubator

    Stage-top Incubator System T is an Integrated system
    to maintain all essential requirements in cultivation and
    observation of living cells on microscope.

    Provide cell-friendly environment conditions
    Available with various chamber types
    Compatible with various microscopes
    Touch-pad control
    Magnet attachment cables

  • Product Name : Magnetic Imaging Chamber

    Chamlide chamber is designed to meet various of
    imaging experiments including perfusion, electro-stimulation etc.

    Easy assembly with magnetic attachment system
    Available with commercial coverslip
    Bottom coverslip for high-resolution imaging
    Economical & semi-permanent

  • Product Name : IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

    LCI IVF system is designed to provide optimal environment
    for safe manipulating of live cells and embryos.

    Automatic timer
    Gas concentration recorder
    Real-time graphic function
    Touch screen
    Magnet supported open/close system
    UV lamp & HEPA filter

  • Product Name : Anti-vibration Platform

    MagLevit provides vibration free condition to protect
    your sensitive instrument from vibration noise using
    magnetic-floating technology.

    Effective on long term time-lapse imaging
    Anti-vibration platform
    Simple & easy to install
    No additional peripheral devices
    Economical & semi-permanent.

  • Product Name : Heating system

    Our heating system provides accurate temperature control
    to maintaining sensitive thermal condition.

    Accurate thermal control of the sample by PID control.
    Available with chambered slide, coverslip, culture dish and etc.
    Uniform heat distribution.
    Customized size and shape are available.

  • Product Name : LED Excitation System

    TouchBright adopts Optogenetics Technique for manipulating
    cell activity and expression by programmable light control.

    User-friendly and intuitive software
    Control individual well
    Control cell activity
    Uniform light distribution
    Various wavelengths are available (RGB LED and MONO LED)
    Various well plate are available (6, 12, 24, 48 and 96-well plates)

  • Product Name : Others

    Meet various instruments and accessories for
    LCI products or your special experiments.

    Optimized device and accessory for live-cell imaging
    Imaging chamber series
    Heating system
    Custom-order is available